Marshall Shipping Co. was founded for the purpose of providing professional and Cost-effective solution to the commercial shipping community for international Consignment. We offer total freight management services to customers throughout Pakistan and rest of the international business world. Through our global network of associate, we are able to ensure prompt shipment of your goods plus complete documentation services and coordination in the country of origin/destination, from day one, which includes crating, load planning, Physical loading to arrival at customer's door. MSC provides confidentiality, liability and flexibility for any of your logistic needs.

Marshall Shipping Company is among one of the only freight forwarding companies of its size which offers "One-stop" service. We have facilities at Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan and Islamabad and Peshawar offering export and import services of the highest caliber by sea, air and land transportation.

Flexibility is the key to our success. Export documentation is undertaking by our dedicated & professional team. We have a own / contracted vehicle fleet, contracted warehousing facilities and specialized packing service for fragile and abnormal loads. The availability of in-house resources enable us not only to maintain the high quality control standards of our service, but also helps control cost meet the most demanding deadlines.


301, 3rd floor, chapal plaza, hasrat mohani road, karachi
Phone No : 021-32420114
Fax No: 021- 32423138
E-Mail : info@marshal.cc
Web : www.marshal.cc

• In all phases of transportation

• Just-in-time distribution

• Charter service

• Airport or prior pickup and delivery services

• National Customers Service Center

• No restriction of volume / size of weight