The globalization process and subsequent growth in international trade have transformed the nature of the transportation industry. Only companies that accept systematic change on the basis of their strategies and develop productive response will remain competitive in the new global market.

For the last 5 years. Marshall Shipping Company (MSC) has always played a major role in the freight forwarding within Pakistan and International market, and every year, we challenges ourselves to improve and establish MSC as the preferred freight forwarding in the world. Our hallmarks are our expanding range of services and strict adherence to quality standards. We have added service partners who share the same dedication to innovate business processes and support us in our efforts towards more successful global expansion.

At MSC, we are certain that our staff's traditional commitment to service, focused on meeting each customer's specific needs, backed by the state-of-the-art technology and constant modernization of our service are the reasons why we have become among the leading integrated freight forwarding company of Pakistan.

As we move into the new millennium, Marshall Shipping Company is on the move as well. Our service for all kind of materials globally are backed by reputable partners/association worldwide.

Our newly created slogan embodies the progressive momentum of MSC's direction. As an old or new future business customer, we welcome you on this journey of mutual success and Profitabilty.


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